To train, unite and rally concerned parents to recognize Critical Race Theory in their kids school curriculum and fight back to stop the indoctrination.

How To Get Involved

Make an account here so we can talk freely and make a serious difference without 

Big Tech censoring us. Click the Parents Against Critical Race Theory Group tab to discuss what is going on at your kids school with other parents. Sign up to be a local Chapter Leader and we will help you train and organize local parents to take your school curriculum back! Group wide training coming soon!

(On Zoom or Here if I can figure it out haha)

Concerned Parent Pledge

"I pledge to take a more active role in my children's education to make sure that they are not being taught to hate their country or judge their classmates on the color of their skin."

About Me

My name is Tatiana Ibrahim and I’m just a regular mom who loves her children, God & country too much to watch them be indoctrinated at school.

Let’s work together to END CRITICAL RACE THEORY!